Jackboi Tony "Everyday (Pt. 2)" Video (Heatseekers)

Angus Walker
May 02, 2015 12:02

Baltimore's Jackboi Tony wins this week's Heatseekers Video Edition with "Everyday (Pt. 2)."

Jackboi Tony hails outta Baltimore, a city you've seen all over TV this past week due to violence and protests resulting from the death of Freddie Gray. Believe it or not, Jackboi Tony grew up in these streets. He's experienced the violence, and the loss of many close to him, which has, in turn, inspired him to lift his community with his music. If you're only experience with the city is through CNN, or re-runs of "The Wire," then it's mandatory you hear from Jackboi Tony, Bmore's next-up. 

Watch "Everyday (Pt. 2), and hit Tony on Twitter if you dig the video. 

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Jackboi Tony "Everyday (Pt. 2)" Video (Heatseekers)