Last week Travis Scott and Quavo abruptly broke the silence on their long-teased collaborative project. Over the course of one night they released a frantic stream of album art, samples, and tentative tracklists.

As to be expected from two of the most polarizing hip-hop artists, Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho has been met with intense scrutiny. There’s a gripe for every facet of this project — album art, length, symmetry— and praise for every gripe.

What we were interested in is the production. Travis Scott and Quavo share an affinity for autotune, trap snares, and ad-libs. These have become standard tools of mainstream trap, with differences arising in the timbre and intensity. Those differences compound when we consider how little overlap there has ever been between Migos’ and Travis Scott’s producers. To those who don’t see the nuance of trap beats, we are talking about a challenging compromise. At times these two successfully meld their styles, though often the lyrical arrangements are lopsided and clunky.

This isn’t a complete dissection of content. Rather, we wanted to focus on the efforts that help tie together the voices and personalities of these two rappers.