Eminem is one of the most unrelenting performers to grace the public eye, as evidenced by both his vigorous flow and prolific discography. Known to be a bit reclusive, Em’s introverted tendencies keep him locked in the studio, leading to an apparent never-ending library of music for fans to enjoy.

Despite his private nature, Eminem’s ability to assume the role of guest on a track and provide fully-formed and bar-ridden verses has played a huge part in his meteoric rise and one-way to ticket to the top.

From rarities to classics, humble beginnings to veteran displays, Em may not always want to come out and play, but he never fails to deliver if he opts to. Over the next few weeks, HotNewHipHop is going to turn back the clocks and revisit each and every guest appearance Slim Shady has taken part in during his lengthy career.  

Big or small, there's no escaping. 

Here's every Eminem guest appearance of all time: 1996-2000.

This series will be ongoing, return next Monday for the next four years' worth of Em features.

Cover photo by Scott Gries.