The final instalment in an effort to catalogue every Eminem feature throughout the course of his career.

Eminem is one of the most technically proficient MCs to ever get behind a mic-- his aggressive flow, distinct enunciation and lyrical acrobatics set the rapper apart, although it hasn't been overnight, rather, it's been an extremely well-documented build in his discography of studio albums, freestyles, and track-making features. The release of Em's 2013 The Marshall Mathers LP 2 maintained the rapper's penchant for deeply personal, confessional-style tracks interwoven with rapid-fire pop culture references. Following the success of LP 2, the now-sober rapper sunk back into a certain well-known exclusivity when it comes to deciding whose track he would hop on.

Regarding his return to critical and commercial acclaim, Eminem was rather humble in terms of where he'll settle in the annals of hip hop history. "Hopefully when all is said and done, people see me as just an MC. That’s pretty much all I can ever ask for," he said in a 2013 interview with Complex. "I know that when songs cross over and they have some type of appeal that goes to certain stations and certain stations play ’em and then it’s like, “Aw, what the fuck? This isn’t hip-hop.” How do I say this? I don’t really have no control over that once I release my music. Regardless of what it is or what it’s about, every song that I do I always try to push lyrically. I would never try to compromise and just say, “This beat sounds like it could have commercial appeal to it. Let me write this kind of hook and fucking wing it.” I’m not just trying to sell records or trying to make a radio record."

This week, we check out Slim's enduring reverence for lyricism in the features he doled out from 2014-2017, as get even more hype for his much-anticipated forthcoming album drop, especially when it feels all but confirmed with an SNL appearance lined up for November 18 (lest we forget his rumored album release date is the 17th).


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