In the small time frame of 2001-2005, Marshall Mathers a.k.a. Eminem was completing his transition from bleach blonde sweatpant-wearing rap prodigy into full-fledged pop culture phenomenon. Entering this period, Em already had The Slim Shady LP and The Marshall Mathers LP under his belt, along with two Grammys for his exceptional work thus far. “Stan” - arguably Eminem’s most acclaimed song - was conquering both television and radio airwaves. You’d be hard to miss Eminem, whether on TV or in the magazines, and soon, the movies as well.

As Em accrued critical acclaim, he garnered high profile enemies, too. Detractors like the FCC and GLAAD had emerged, vexed by his controversial lyrical content. For every sold out concert tour, there was a protest in his name.

Despite polarizing opinions of him swirling, Eminem was still a scolding hot commodity and an oft sought-out collaborator. Although having little left to prove in the way of self worth, Em would still cut his teeth on numerous tracks as a guest player. If anything, Eminem’s success, filtered through his angst over the constant scrutinization of his work, made the Detroit emcee even more of a threat on a guest track.

The dude was liable to go off, during this period as much as ever, making this week’s journey into Every Eminem Feature Ever as juicy as all hell.

Every Monday, we'll be reviewing another four-year period of Eminem features, until we reach present day. Today, in Every Eminem Feature, we conquer 2001-2005. Onwards.

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Photo: Brenda Chase/Getty Images