There's been some recent talk that Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensaaren't currently on the best of terms, a thought that has upset fans of both artists, who've been collaborating for years. Fortunately, Vic has made a point to dispute the rumors that there's any kind of tension between him and Chance, which makes for a good excuse to take a step back and appreciate the work the two rappers have done together. 

Coming up in the SaveMoney crew, Chance and Vic have shared many Chicago-based collaborators, developing their sounds within the same creative collective, and eventually creating their own lanes in the process. Looking at the songs they've done together, you can get a sense both of the overlap and contrast in their styles, which became more defined as the years went by. Click through the gallery to revisit the collaborations between the two artists, and let us know which on is your favorite in the comments below.