When the proverbial Olympus finally does fall and the last survivors etch the history of man into stone tablets so that we can preserve a record of our time spent on earth before the apocalypse, somewhere within those writings will probably state something like, "And thus, in the year of 2010, Hip Hop's Southern savior left the group of wise men called Playaz Circle to forgo a monumental solo journey under the biblical name 2 Chainz."

While that end of the world premonition may seem far fetched, it's probably one of the best metaphors to describe one of the most well-known and consistent rappers transition from group member to solo act. When Tity Boi became 2 Chainz, the world's axel shifted and began spinning in a semi counter-clockwise fashion, much like the multiple chains swaying from the neck of the College Park, Georgia rapper's neck, because nearly immediately 2 Chainz began experiencing a wealth of success.

That success 2 Chainz began to see was the result of a tireless work ethic and a crazy demand for his talents on top of an insanely popular vernacular and a crazy amount of guest features. So in an attempt to pay homage to the Drench God on the eve of the release of his upcoming album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, we have gathered every single official 2 Chainz feature since 2011.

Strap in and sit tight because this is going to be a long ride.