They were only married for one month when Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson and Evelyn Lozada were involved in a domestic violence incident. The newlyweds were reportedly inside of their vehicle when Chad headbutted Evelyn, which resulted in the reality star receiving a large gash in her forehead. The former couple has been able to put the past behind them since the 2012 incident that changed both of their lives, but a tweet by Chad caused Evelyn Lozada to become emotional.

The former football star answered a fan's question on how he remains so positive, and Chad wrote, "I lost my temper for once in life for 3 seconds & it cost me a lifetimes worth of work, I got it all back plus some after getting a 2nd chance & NOTHING will ever get me out of that happy space again." Evelyn was made aware of the message and sent out a few posts before she recorded herself speaking about the domestic violence incident.

Through tears, Evelyn said that it isn't the first time that Chad had made a comment like that, but she is "really, really tired." Evelyn added,  "For this man to sit up there and say that he lost his temper for three seconds is infuriating to me. As much as I'm trying to heal from this situation, I've been dealing with this sh*t for years. Not only because I'm on a show, just everything is just so public."

Evelyn called Chad's tweet a "trigger" for her and cried as she spoke about people lashing out at her because "she made this man lose his job." She told him to "speak the truth" and added, "It wasn't the first time and one of the things I'm always gonna do is I'm always gonna live in my truth whether it's good, whether it's bad, whether it's ugly."

The reality star also stated that she never addressed or spoke openly about the other alleged domestic violence incidents because she was "concerned about his kids" having to relive the scandal. "What happened to me that day and other days, I didn't deserve. I didn't deserve that." Watch her video in full below.