Evelyn Lozada has been embroiled in controversy surrounding her Basketball Wives co-stars for some time now. The biggest allegation against her name comes from her co-star Ogom "OG" Chijindu who accused Evelyn of being a racist bully. The allegations are so serious that Evelyn sued OG for defamation since her words have reportedly ended endorsement deals. The 43-year-old mother of two has now opened up to BOSSIP about the latter and her time on the series. 

Rich Polk/Getty Images

"For anyone to call me a racist or a bigot against my own people is simply bananas and misinformed," Evelyn said when asked is she's racist. "90% of the people I work with are people of color and 98% are women. And the same numbers, if not higher apply to my personal businesses."On the topic of Ogom and there being a double standard with their beef, Evelyn believes it's not the case. "I treat people how I want to be treated and I will react if I’m being treated badly—I’m human," she added. 

Despite Evelyn being painted as a bully and a racist, she makes it clear that she will continue to star on the series and doesn't have any regrets. "I’ve been on reality television for a long time; scenes get cut short, conversations are spliced, and some people will try to “control” the narrative to show you the person they want you to see….the truth they want you to believe. I bring my authentic self at all times by living in my truth," she explained.