Femcee Eve is returning to the game, after a hiatus of about ten years since her last album, Eve-Olution. The rapper relocated to London and changed her label situation among other things, in the time she took off from rapping. Now that she's making a name for herself yet again, she visited The Breakfast Club on Power 105 to discuss her upcoming fourth studio album and more.

Eve said that she's been wanting to return to the music for awhile, but due to her label situation and complications, she wasn't able too "I've been wanting to come back, it's just the situation hasn't been right. Meaning, my situation as far as label stuff, management, lawyers, literally the whole situation. And now it's the right situation, I know it's been a minute, but I miss my music, my music is my first love, and I feel like I still got shit to say." 

She also explained that her new album, Lip Lock, is dropping through her own label. "It's my label, From the Ribs. I was Interscope. Then I went to EMI, and that deal was horrible, and then it took a minute to just find a deal where it would be my label and it would be distributed through Sony RED, but I'm the boss."

She also revealed who's been lined up thus far to appear on Lip Lock, "We got, so far, Jeremih's bout to cut something, Chrisette Michelle, we got Snoop, Juicy J, Pusha T on the remix."

She added later on, "I'm excited about this record, the music is different, definitely, but my whole goal was that hopefully lyrically people see that I'm still Eve. And I just wanted to have fun on it, I got to do exactly what I wanted to do. I just hope people love it."

She also spoke on he relationship with the Ruff Ryders, whom she says she speaks to only when she sees sporadically, however she says there is no bad blood. 

As well, she shared her thoughts on Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks. She says she like's Azealia's wordplay, however, she reached out to Azealia to appear on her LP and apparently the New York rapper said "I think I'm busy." 

Check out the full interview below.