People were caught off guard when it was shared that Eve began dating Gumball 3000 mogul Maximillion Cooper in 2010 and were even more surprised when the couple married in 2014. The Philadelphia rapper rose through the hip hop ranks as the First Lady of Ruff Ryders, so fans didn't expect to see Eve settle down with a White British businessman. The pair have been happily married for years, and during a segment from her appearance on Uncensored, Even spoke about how it has been adjusting to their differences.

 Eve, Maximillion Cooper, Uncensored,  Race
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“I don’t think about our race. I don’t. When we first got together, yeah, of course. I had never been with a White guy seriously like that. So yeah, I definitely thought about it, but we are so honest with each other that we have discussions, and that’s a beautiful thing," said Eve. "With my [four] stepchildren, we have discussions. We talk about race, we talk about—especially in America. The things that go one here. Especially when [Maxmillion] comes here and he sees the violence that's going on, the police brutality. Things that he didn't think still happened because he's White. And that's just real."

Eve added that her husband and stepchildren's realities are different because they don't think "about it unless they're close to someone who has gone through it or who can explain to them certain things." She also added that the discussions have been a "beautiful thing." The clip of Eve on Uncensored was first shared over a week ago, but it began to gain traction on social media over the weekend. The rapper was on the receiving end of critics who claimed that she was irresponsible for saying she doesn't "think about our race," but others supported her and added that people needed to listen for the entire context of her response.

Watch Eve's clip and read a few responses below.