Last week, DJ Khaled revealed a lot of information about his bedroom habits (or non-habits) with his wife, Nicole Tuck. The famed producer told the world (The Breakfast Club) that he does not perform oral sex on his wife because he's "the King." His little bit of information turned into a pretty hilarious commentary from the Twitter world with some convinced that Khaled in a teenage boy trapped in a grown man's body. 

Khaled's sexual life is still being talked about this week, as the ladies of The Talk all had to share their two cents on the matter. Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood and Eve all got on the hot topic and were seemingly all on the same page about two things. One, no one wants to know about Khaled's sex life and two, they all support The Rock more than ever since his response to the matter

"Well Eve, I think we won't be listening to DJ Khaled's music anymore," Sheryl says in a clip. "Because we need somebody who's willing to travel downtown. From now on we will be supporting The Rock and all of his endeavours." Sara then tells the crew that Khaled's "sexism" makes her stomach turn and the crowd cheers in agreeance. Check out the video here.