It's 2018 and Marvel has released almost twenty movies in the last decade. The studio, which is owned by Disney, has taken several chances over the last few years. They took a gamble when they decided to make a Guardians of the Galaxy movie, a film based on comic characters who were not widely known to the public. They took another gamble when they decided to create an almost all-Black Black Panther film. Marvel will be taking yet another risk next year when they introduce Captain Marvel, undoubtedly the strongest hero we've seen on screen since the MCU came into existence. The film is based on a female pilot who gains intergalactic powers after she becomes entangled in a space war. 

Risk taking seems to be the norm at Marvel, and Ant-Man and The Wasp star Evangeline Lilly thinks the studio should place their bets on an all-female superhero flick. In all honesty, watching the Wasp, Black Widow, Okoye, Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel, and others team up for a brawl sounds too good to be true. While talking with ComicbookLilly expressed her support for a movie that would do just that. "Dude, there's talk of an all-ladies MCU movie amongst the MCU ladies," Lilly reveals. "We would love to do that, and I think we should all put as much pressure as possible on Kevin [Feige] to make that happen."