Marriage is treating Eva Marcille and Michael Sterling well. Eva recently welcomed her third child into the world, making this her second with Michael. After giving birth, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star took some time to share a few hospital recovery photos on Instagram, but on Wednesday, Michael gave the world a glimpse of their newborn son, Maverick.

"Maverick Leonard Sterling. First of his name. The unburped. Breaker of waters. ###Maverick - an independent minded person who does not believe they have to just go along with the group or consensus," he wrote. "Willing to think for themselves. ###Leonard - named after my dad’s dad, grandfather Sterling - the old rice farmer and Pastor. He was a good samaritan who never hesitated to lend a hand to those who were often forgotten and left behind. ###Sterling - conforming to the highest standard. Welcome to the world my son. #sterlingsays."

As they adjust to having their bundle of joy join their brood of children at home, the pair are gearing up for the custody battle before them. Eva's eldest child, Marley Rae, is also the daughter of singer-songwriter Kevin McCall. We recently reported that Eva had Marley's last name legally changed to Sterling, a move that didn't sit too well with her biological father.

McCall has filed documents in an effort to secure joint custody of five-year-old Marley who he says he hasn't seen since 2015. Bossip shares that they've obtained the paperwork and in it McCall states that when he does receive custody of Marley, he allegedly wants the Sterlings to pay him child support. He also shares that Eva has purposefully kept Marley out of his life and says he's fully capable of raising his daughter. However, McCall has had some trouble with the law lately as he was recently arrested after police believed he was a homeless man sleeping on a bench. He also was officially hit with domestic violence charges stemming from an incident that occurred earlier this year.

Bossip also reports that Michael's law firm, Dreyer Sterling, will represent Eva as she goes head-to-head with McCall. David Dreyer, Michael's partner, will personally handle her case.