How lucky can one guy be? Tennis star Eugenie Bouchard agreed to date her lucky fan for a second time. She said she felt lucky the guy turned out to be "normal."

On Super Bowl Sunday, while the Falcons were leading 21-3, Bouchard made a bet with Twitter follower John Goehrke that if the Pats won the championship, she would go out on a date with him. Goehrke must thank heaven or Tom Brady because we all know how that game turned out.

TMZ paparazzi followed the couple on their date to see the Brooklyn Nets play, Wednesday night. The two had never met. The tennis star, who grace the pages of this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, confided to the paps that she planned the first date. And that a second date was "for sure."

We at HNHH will believe it when we see it.