Estelle Is Back With "Better"

Estelle -  Better

  July 14, 2018 15:09
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The "American Boy" singer has returned.

Estelle seems to have been out of the scene for a while. The Los Angeles-based singer just dropped a new single entitled "Better." She appears to have made a journey back to her paternal roots given the Carribean flavor on the track. The single is a perfect addition to any sultry summer mix. It could be easily mashed up with "Wild Thoughts" or even a slowed down version of "In My Feelings." The song includes a quick lyrical wink at Dru Hill's "Tell Me," so a remix might be in order. Either way, "Better" fits perfectly into the current RnB landscape.

This track is most likely part of the rollout for her fifth studio album. Her last full-length project, True Romance, dropped in 2015. “‘Better’ can only be felt between two people. A little indescribable, a little magic,” Estelle says. “Body and mind doing what it wants to… the only two in the room, the only me, the only you. A sparkle in your eyes when it wants to, waited each other out, because at the end of a time no one in the world can love you better.”

Quotable Lyrics

You had my body hot from the first kiss
You gotta keep it simple, baby, nurse it
Then go a little deeper than the surface
So you can hurt this on purpose

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