Funkmaster Flex is many things, and chief among his titles is facilitator of bars. Having been at the center of countless freestyles -- including Black Thought's legendary ten-minute session, Action Bronson's incredible "it's not me rapping, it's the parrot," Tyler The Creator's viral bars that had Flex questioning his existence, and Conway and Benny The Butcher's murderous rampage -- the masses have come to expect greatness whenever an emcee steps to Funk Flex's mic.

Though some have questioned whether the new generation of hip-hop talent can hold it down in the freestyle department, Funk Flex has kept the tradition alive, inviting newcomer EST GEE to the fold for some bars. Flex prefaces that he first heard the Louisville emcee on Jack Harlow's That's What They All Say, and the rapper proceeded to pique his interest. 


Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

GEE wastes little time in setting a tone, taking to the cinematic and sinister instrumental with purpose. There's something about his self-assured presence that gives him gravitas on a track, adding an authoritative tone to his streetlife reflections. "I'm enormous, money hoarder / known to get it cross the border," he spits. "Out here I'm like Jordan, all us get a portion playing for EST / they feel like I owe em' I'ma show em if they play with me / I can't show no fake love, barely speak out here they hating on me."

Check out EST's new bars on Funk Flex below, and sound off if you'll be putting the rising Louisville rapper on your radar.