Americans across the country swarmed major airports over the weekend to protest President Trump's Muslim travel ban which he put into effect late last week.

At Los Angeles' LAX airport, more than 4,000 protestors set up shop outside of the Tom Bradley International Terminal, shutting down traffic in front of the terminal while denouncing Trump's immigration policy.

This massive protest obviously inconvenienced a number of travellers looking to catch their flights out of LAX including ESPN's Sage Steele who decided to post a photograph of the protesters on her instagram account accompanied by a caption that shared how "saddened" she was that the 4,000+ protestors disrupted so many people's travel plans.

As you'd expect, Sage Steele was blasted in the comments of her Instagram post as well as on twitter for her remarks about how the LAX protest put a damper on her travel plans.

Check out her original IG post and some of the backlash below.