Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic, co-hosts of ESPN's popular morning show "Mike & Mike," are splitting up after roughly 18 years of working together and reports are now surfacing that they might not make it to the show's contractual end in December.

Sports Illustrated has reported that the partnership between Greeny and Golic has turned sour over the last year or so and that the two are not talking to each other off the set, and rarely speak at all before the show or during commercials.

According to Sports Illustrated's Richard Dietsch,

“It’s really a poisonous atmosphere right now,” said one longtime ESPNer who has worked on the show. “Most of us don’t see the show lasting through its contractual end [which is believed to be the end of December]. But I give both these guys immense credit because when the light comes on, you would not know what’s going on. They are pros on air.”

“They are marvelous actors on set,” said another ESPN on-air staffer, who speaks to both Greenberg and Golic. “But they barely even make eye contact with each other these days.”

“They virtually ignore each other off air,” said a third ESPN staffer who has previously worked on the show and said such tension has existed since late last year.

Greenberg is said to be hosting his own television show beginning January 1st which will be filmed at a studio in New York City and air live from 7 to 10am on ESPN, and re-air each day at 10am on ESPN2.

Golic will reportedly continue on ESPN Radio with a new partner, NFL Live co-host Trey Wingo.

You can check out the full piece outlining Mike & Mike's fall out here.