The Denver Broncos have officially announced that Trevor Siemian will be their starting quarterback, which means ESPN's Josina Anderson now has to cut off her air.

Let me explain:

Josina had previously announced that if anyone other than Mark Sanchez was listed as the Broncos starting QB, she'd cut her hair off. Siemian is not Sanchez.ย 

So will she actually go through with it? Judging from the tweet that sheย fired off in light of today's announcement, it appears as though she's a woman of her word and is ready to pay her debt.ย 

As for the defending champion Broncos, they'll be heading into a Super Bowl rematch against the Panthers to kick off the NFL season on Thursday, September 8th. Siemian was drafted by Denver in the 7th round of the 2015 draft and has only taken one regular season snap in his NFL career- a kneel down.