ESPN's Jay Bilas recently wrote an article for in response to the recent events that unfolded between LaVar Ball and a female referee at the Adidas Uprising Championships tournament in Las Vegas.

After the official gave LaVar a technical, he threatened to pull his team off the court unless she was removed from the game in favor of a replacement official.

Adidas event organizers ultimately obliged and removed the woman from the game which resulted in Court Club Elite, the organization that provided the refs for this tournament, deciding to cut ties with Adidas.

In the piece, wherein Bilas likens LaVar Ball's antics to that of the Kardashian family, he writes,

“(LaVar) was fun to watch. And fun to laugh at. And fun to laugh with. I thought he was in on the joke,” Bilas wrote. “But to whatever extend I enjoyed LaVar Ball and his antics at first, I now find him close to intolerable.”

“Ball essentially bragged after the game about getting an official removed, an egregious act he should be embarrassed about,” Bilas wrote. “The removed official is a female college referee, and Ball had the audacity to claim that this woman, like Kristine Leahy, should ‘stay in her lane.’ Well, exactly what lane is that? The female official was in her lane. She was officiating a basketball game until she was relieved of that duty by the event organizer, at the demand of LaVar Ball.

Bilas added that he's "done with LaVar Ball" and will no longer laugh at his behavior, or participate in the coverage of what he has to say, unless he issues a sincere apology to the women he has insulted and changes his behavior.

He wrapped up his article by calling LaVar a "misogynistic buffoon."

“I was wrong about LaVar Ball,” Bilas concluded. “He is not a Kardashian. That is far too kind. He is a misogynistic buffoon unworthy of my time.”