ESPN is considered the worldwide leader in sports and when it comes to their "expert" opinion, people are always paying attention. Every year, ESPN comes out with a top 100 list which details who the best players in the league are. This year, the list has created quite a stir and has drawn reactions from fans to even players. Perhaps the most egregious ranking was Zion Williamson at 42, while Klay Thompson got placed 49th.

Yesterday, Twitter was on fire as it was revealed LeBron James placed third on the list. Being the third-best player in any sport is quite the accomplishment but fans though he easily should have been number one. At the time, spots one and two were vacant although it was clear Kawhi Leonard and Giannis Antetokounmpo would be occupying those two spots. Today, ESPN officially unveiled who topped their list.

As you can see from the tweet above, Leonard got second place while Giannis claimed first. These two players were dominant last season so their placements are well deserved. Despite this, fans sounded off on ESPN immediately after making the announcement.

It seems as though many people are still adamant about LeBron being the best player in the league. When it comes to these lists, it's pretty well impossible to please everyone so we're sure ESPN isn't phased by all the vitriol.

Let us know who you think should have grabbed the top spot.