Erykah Badu is an elusive figure who has maintained a substantial amount of privacy considering her fame. Despite the artist's being forthright concerning some issues, Badu has managed to surprise her fans with new love interests and even children throughout the years. It now seems like Badu may have actually hinted at an unborn addition to her family.

The 47-year-old uploaded a video of herself in which she exposes her stomach. She rubs and cradles her bare belly as one would if they were pregnant. The words "She love you Ish" flash upon the screen, a likely reference to  Ishmael Butler. "A Mess" by Shabazz Palaces serves as the soundtrack to her montage shot in a parking lot. She captioned the upload, "Ishhues wit trust." Since Ishmael is a member of this particular group, the love mentioned could be interpreted in multiple ways.

Butler, a former Digable Planets member, and Erykah have been linked romantically since September by rumors. She may be entertaining the grapevine or actually confirming the nature of their relationship in addition to announcing the imminent arrival of new life. Maybe she's simply stating her love for his music. Some of her fans have commented on the post claiming they will wait for a verbal affirmation before getting excited since the playfulness and mystery that surrounds her persona are all too familiar.