Andre 3000 and Erykah Badu may no longer be together as a couple, but one thing that keeps them close is their 20-year-old son, Seven Sirius Benjamin. This past Sunday was Father's Day and in light of the day to appreciate your old man, Erykah shared a photo on Instagram on her of her son with his father. It's safe to say Seven resembles Andre more than Erykah.  

Way back in 2014 after Andre and Erykah's intimate relationship was over, the "Ms. Jackson" crooner let it be known that he and his baby mama were on nothing but great terms. “Erykah and I are cool friends, man,” he said. “We talk on the phone. She even asks my advice on relationships. She’s like a cool sister more than anything. The first thing people would think about us is, ‘Oh, they don’t get along.’ But there are always feelings when people grow apart. It’s something you have to get through. But man, we are cool.”