The season premiere of What's Good With Stretch And Bobbito brings the New York duo back to their roots as they interview the one and only Erykah Badu. She's always a pleasure to see and hear in interviews, like when she left Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks looking like morons, convincing them that the incense she brought was made to smell like her vagina by some complicated process including a "resin" made by Swiss scientists.

Thankfully, Stretch and Bobbito are not the shameless clout chasers of Everyday Struggle so they get Erykah at her most Badu. She discusses everything from her daily routine to her practice as a doula. A standout moment is her invocation of "the five doctors" who she needs every day: doctor sun, doctor nutrition, doctor exercise, doctor spirit and doctor breath. When Bobbito asks "what about Dr. Love?" Erykah says that "doctor Love is on vacation" and that "doctor Love is tired."

The "social media empress" appeared on the show once before, calling in last season to make a cameo on the Dave Chapelle episode and because of her touring schedule (she's on the road 8 months of the year) she's already back. Listen to the whole podcast below: