Since clarifying her stance on the now-infamous "R. Kelly prayer," Erykah Badu has been embroiled in a heated Twitter spat with dream hampton, the director of Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly docuseries. Earlier in the month, when hampton was in the midst of a press run, he named Erykah Badu as one of the notable public figures refusing to participate in the project.

In the wake of her frosty reception at the hands of a Chicago crowd (visibly displeased with her "R. Kelly prayer"), Badu has finally taken to addressing hampton's allegations of non-compliance. In fact, it was the director himself, taking the fight to her doorstep.

hampton demanded Badu answer two questions, short of forcing an apology, she didn't seem at all, willing to provide. "1) a quote attributed to her, "No one has done more for Black people than R. Kelly" & 2) what she was thinking when she called him her "brother" at Soul Train Awards," hampton listed an order they saw fit. In turn, Badu demanded an apology from hampton, for committing libel and for using her name with no ordinance.

In all, Erykah Badu denied ever being contacted to participate in the docu-series, and most suprisingly, not knowing R. Kelly at all, on a personal level, despite calling him "brother" during the aforementioned concert spiel. When dream hampton tried to convince Badu of her error in judgment, the conversation devolved into an impasse, with the director altogether refusing to provide textual evidence that producer T. Farris' had made an overture to the singer.