Papoose's debut album The Nacimera Dream was stuck in developmental hell for nearly eight years until it dropped four days ago. Unfortunately, he's since run into more red tape, this time over unauthorized Erykah Badu vocal samples on his track 'The Cure'.

Although there's been no official statement from Badu's camp, the First Lady of Neo-Soul recently took to Twitter to accuse the New York rapper of using her voice without permission:

"This Papoose song Cure," she said. "I sang those vocals 10 years ago. That's 2 babies ago. Sheeeit. So mcs just throwing out old material- no paperwork..". 

We can't accuse Papoose of being ignorant here - he raps from the perspective of cancer on the track and its message is a hopeful one. Unfortunately, legally speaking, it seems like Badu's in the right. Dude really can't catch a break. 

Peep the track and tweets in question below and let us know what you think: