Andre 3000 and Erykah Badu have been broken up for nearly two decades now, but the two have always maintained an enviable co-parenting relationship that serves as a great example to follow.

As people far and wide came together to celebrate the women in their lives, Erykah stopped to commemorate a moment with 3 Stacks and the pair’s son Seven Sirius Benjamin in a Mother’s Day snapshot that puts the trio’s charisma at the forefront. In her caption, Badu cleverly penned “3,007-izm – Mother’s Day 2018.”

Let’s face it, in hip-hop, the baby daddy/baby mama image can often be hostile territory, but Erykah and Andre find themselves among the host of others in the industry playing the game the right way.

“Erykah and I are cool friends, man,” Andre said in an interview in 2014. “We talk on the phone. She even asks my advice on relationships. She’s like a cool sister more than anything. The first thing people would think about us is, ‘Oh, they don’t get along.’ But there are always feelings when people grow apart. It’s something you have to get through. But man, we are cool.”

It’s no doubt that the 20-year old Seven, Erykah’s oldest and Andre’s only, plays an integral role their relationship and has also been credited with helping the two in their musical endeavors at times. Andre previously noted that he routinely bounces verses off Seven who serves as his gauge in the new age. Seven also notably had a hand in helping his mother put together her remix of Drake’s “Hotline Bling."

Andre 3000 also helped ring in the holiday by dropping off two new tracks, "Look Ma, No Hands" and "Me & My (To Bury Your Parents)" in honor of his late mother.