Errol Spence lost control of his white Ferrari this morning while driving around Dallas and ended up hitting the center median which caused him to flip five times. The violent car crash ejected him from his seat and he ended up outside of the car when all was said and done. Police and paramedics were able to get onto the scene right away and now, Spence is in an intensive care unit where he is receiving around-the-clock care. Based on the early reports, Spence is expected to survive although the extent of his injuries is unknown.

Police immediately began investigating the cause of the crash and were able to obtain some security footage that was captured nearby. The footage was then sent to CBS 11 News who posted the graphic imagery on Twitter. As you can see from the video below, Spence's car hits the media and immediately begins flipping multiple times. Debris and pieces of wreckage fly in every direction and end up strewn about all over the street.

Spence most recently came off of a huge win against Shawn Porter to unify his championship belts. The superstar fighter is considered to be one of the best pound-for-pound boxers in the world and with this car crash in mind, it's hard to say what could become of his career.

Prayers up to Spence and his family in these trying times.