TMZ just reported a  few additional details related to the shooting death of Nipsey Hussle. Sources that were reportedly privy to the action are saying that Eric Holder only initially let off two gunshots before preying over his victim like a vulture.

According to the report, Nipsey fell to the ground after suffering the first two hits, saying something along the lines of "You shot me, you got me, I'm good." It's at this point that Eric Holder frantically reverted his attention back to a wounded Nipsey Hussle, after realizing he was still alive. Holder subsequently fired the remaining shots that were recorded in the final autopsy.

In the following surveillance footage, Nipsey is wearing a white bandana. He raises his head upon noticing Eric Holder's presence, who in his rushed demeanor, pulses back and forth before ensuring that Nipsey was indeed lying unconscious.

Eric Holder was arrested Tuesday on 1 count of murder, 2 counts of attempted murder, and 1 count of possession of a firearm by a felon. His bond was at an insurmountable $5 million, meaning that he'll be obliged to sit in solitary confinement until his next hearing on May 10. On another note, Nipsey's memorial service will be held this upcoming Thursday at the Staples Center. Tickets are available to the public.