During a performance at New York's Highline Ballroom last night, Eric Bellinger gave fans a taste of an unreleased remix of Lil Pump's "ESSKEETIT." Bellinger dances around the stage, kitted out in Supreme/Fox motocross gear, while shouting ad-libs and interacting with fans and lying down in the front row to pose for selfies before ending the show with a couple bars and leaving the stage. According to the people in attendance, the show was not to be missed, with Bellinger picking peoples' phones out of the crowd and performing whichever one of his songs was left up on the screen.

The remix of the Lil Pump song is a departure for Bellinger, who is known almost exclusively for his R&B songs, like "Dirty Dancing" featuring Ne-Yothe video for which release just four days ago. More straight-up rap could be a new direction for the artist. 

Bellinger is on tour following the release of his album Eazy Call which came out this past April. Clearly Bellinger has his calendar full, but it doesn't stop there. He and Wale announced recently that the two would be releasing a collaborative project after many appearances together on individual songs. Like the pleasant surprise of the "EESSKEETIT" remix, the news of the joint album was broken on an earlier date of Bellinger's Eazy Call tour.