Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter is an avid professional wrestling fan, and he has even hinted at getting in the ring one day once his basketball career comes to a close. Thanks to wrestling legend Diamond Dallas Page, Kanter didn't have to wait until his retirement to experience what it's like training to be a professional wrestler.

The Score recently released a 25-minute pseudo-documentary titled "Enes The Menace," in which Kanter joined DDP for some hands on training in between the ropes. As part of the mini documentary, Kanter got to pick out his in-ring apparel, learn a few techniques and dish out some punishment in the ring at DDP's training facility in Atlanta.

He also picked up some pointers on how to be a "heel," which included some tips from DDP on how to trash talk a top guy, such as LeBron James. Unfortunately, his mic skills weren't nearly as good as his choke slam.

Check out the full video below.