Enes Kanter has proven himself to be one of the funniest players in the league over the last few seasons and as we've come to find out, he doesn't take himself too seriously. Kanter has been roasted on numerous occasions about his particular skill set and he has always taken it in stride like an absolute champion. This season, Kanter is taking his talents to the Boston Celtics and will be one of the focal points on this new-look Celtics squad. 

Kanter has been making himself available to the media this offseason and recently, he appeared on a show for NBC Sports Boston. At one point, the host tells Kanter about his NBA 2K20 rating which is a respectable 80. What wasn't so respectable though was his dunk rating which is actually 58. Kanter seemed pretty incredulous at the disrespect and said: "that's messed up." He even talked about how he's caught a lot of bodies in the league and deserves much better.


Kanter isn't the only one to get a poor dunk rating in 2K. De'Aaron Fox took issue with the game for giving him a dunk rating of 60 but after his complaints, they bumped it up to 80. Perhaps Kanter's reaction will prompt 2K Games to give him a bit of a boost.

Regardless, Kanter will be doing his best this season to prove he's still got it.