We'd like to fall into the illusion that entertainers have always strived to achieve their goals of being accomplished artists, but many come from humble beginnings that often include trauma and serious hardships. We've all watched as Wendy Williams has recently opened up about her addiction issues and struggles with sobriety. She's shared her story throughout her career, at times to her detriment as people have used it against her, but she's used it as a way to help others and even launched her organization, The Hunter Foundation

Empire actress Tasha Smith has an extensive resumé and has been on both the large and small screens for over 20 years, but the Camden, New Jersey native's life almost went a different route. She's known as having a loud, outspoken, and recognizable voice (if you've ever seen Why Did I Get Married? then you already know), and she isn't afraid to speak her mind, but according to her, she was much different in her early life.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

In a recent interview on Uncensored, Smith revealed that she has wonderful memories of growing up in Camden, but those come with experiences one would like to forget, as well. "As beautiful as Camden was, it was a place where I dealt with sexual, physical abuse, a place where I did all kinds of drugs," she says. "I was doing cocaine at the age of 14. I really could have been a crackhead today" adding "it was also a place that gave me a lot of resilience, perseverance and hustle."

Smith said that when she turned 18, she left Camden to follow her dreams by moving to Los Angeles. She landed small roles in various projects and was later featured in shows and films including ATLDaddy's Little GirlsPlayas BallThe Steve Harvey ShowThe ParkersGirlfriends, and much more.

"We all have situations to overcome, but you don't quit," Smith said. "You keep trying."