Issa Rae is known as the creator and lead actor of HBO's hit series Insecure. She is also recognized for her infamous declaration of her "rooting for everybody Black." The entertainer rounded up many of those who fit the bill to turn up in celebration for their Emmy nominations.

The event was set on a yacht upon which the group of actors and industry professionals mingled. Alcohol was flowing as well as their dance moves, line dancing included.

Noteworthy entertainers like Jidenna, Lil Rel, Tracy Ellis Ross and Tifanny Haddish were in attendance. The Insecure crew was also on deck, amongst many other familiar faces.

The host took the party to the next level, collecting shirts from the backs of her male guests. A lot of whining and grinding was involved. Ain't nobody complaining about that either.

Amanda Seales expressed gratitude while sharing her experience with her fans.

"And just like that, #yachtshitPart Deux has hit the sea, and back. It truly is a gift to have community within the Hollywood “community”. Check out my IG story to Experience the littyness 🙌🏾🔥"

According to the clips shared online, Black excellence and the nasty can co-exist seamlessly.