Emma Gonzalez, the teenage gun control advocate, has filed a trademark application for her tagline "we call BS." Apparently, her intention is to put the line on merch and it's unclear whether she wants to sell the gear or just give it away. What is certain is that the intention is to raise awareness for her cause. In the trademark documents, obtained by TMZ, the intent of the line is: "promoting the interests of concerned parties and promoting public awareness of the need for promoting gun safety."

Emma Gonzalez first became a public figure after surviving a shooting at high school in Florida and making a pro gun-control speech which was widely broadcasted. It was there that she coined her slogan "we call BS."

Gonzalez brought even more attention to the cause and herself with a breathtaking speech at the March For Our Lives this spring, where she stood for most of her speech in silence in honour of her classmates who were killed in the shooting. 

It was this speech that got Emma Gonzalez a twitter mention from Kanye West, who called her "his hero" and shaved his head in honour of her.