Eminem is known for lyrical dexterity, but he could soon lose a World Record that is directly tied to that skill.

Right now, the famed Missouri-born rapper holds the Guiness high-water mark for most lyrics in a song, packing 1,560 words into his track "Rap God." However, according to Spalding Today, a North London artist named Luke is out to break this record. He's apparently putting the finishing touches on a song that would top Em's aforementioned word count.

"As it stands there are 1,700 lyrics in my song 'Untouchable' which should have a run time of six minutes," said Luke. For those without their calculators, that works out to 4.7 words per second. "Obviously this could change during the recording process," he added. "And that could mean that I increase the amount of words rapped per second to even five or more."

No word on when the song is scheduled to be released.