If ever you've been curious to see Detroit out of Eminem's very eyes, now is your chance. Last month, we showed you the trailer for the rapper's virtual reality film Marshall From Detroit, which would soon be premiering at Sundance at that point. Now, the flick is officially out and fans of the legend are able to peer into the streets of Motor City through a lens appropriately designed by Marshall Mathers himself.

The project runs for just about twenty minutes, giving the viewer an immersive look into Slim Shady's hometown of Detroit. According to Rolling Stone, the film, directed by Caleb Slain, is now available across major virtual reality software. You can find Marshall From Detroit on Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR and other devices. 

In the film, Em travels around the city with Sway Calloway, telling the radio host about what the city means to him. He also touches on many of the topics pertinent to his career, looking back on his earliest attempts to break into the music industry and how he evolved over the years. "I don’t think we really knew who we were yet, as far as what’s gonna be our style, what’s gonna be our sound," says the rapper. "Especially back then, we used to think, ‘Man nobody comes to Detroit – they look at us like a ghost town.’ We want to be somebody, we want to stand up."

Due in part to Marshall, Detroit became something and is now seen as a major city for hip-hop. Watch the documentary for free today.