Eminem's lengthy career has been littered with various endeavors, but the projects he attaches himself too always seem to make sense-- he's not out here making frivolous moves just 'cause. From producing for select artists, to forming his own label Shady Records, to working on movies like "8 Mile," it's usually something that hits home for Em. It was announced the other month that the rapper would be executive producing the upcoming film, "Southpaw," which stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whittaker and Rachel McAdams. Eminem's contribution to the film is unsurprising if you know the movie's history-- the movie's screenwriter Kurt Sutter initially wanted Em to play the lead role, stating that the movie was inspired, in part, by Eminem's well-known history.

With the single from the soundtrack, "Phenomenal," released last night, we decided to look back at other instances where Em provided heat for a movie's soundtrack. Obviously "8 Mile" couldn't be avoided, but there are also contributions he made to the "Next Friday" soundtrack, "Tupac: Resurrection," and more.