Eminem's "Revival" has already proved to be a polarizing album, and it hasn't even been officially released yet. Still, people have been pirating this one like it's 2004, and plenty of voices have added their thoughts to the discussion. Public figures like Joe Budden have already dubbed the lead single "Untouchable" trash, while our own dear community have been split; "Revival" seems to be either unanimously praised or labelled the worst album of all time, with no middle ground. As for me, I have yet to dive into the leaks, but I'm looking forward to seeing what Eminem has to offer. From the sound of it, there are "trap flows," "amazing concepts," "cringeworthy lyrics," "smash singles," "horrible Rick Rubin and Alex Da Kid production," "mature rap," and conflicting reports ad ad infinitum.

Now, two more prolific figures have weighed in on the discourse. Ebro and Rosenberg of Hot 97 clearly spent their lunch break copping a bootleg "Revival" from the mixtape peddler on the nearest corner, and both radio personalities chimed in with some positive feedback. "This Eminem album got some [fire]," wrote Ebro. "Real super [fire]. Some people gone be apologizing." On a similar note, Rosenberg claimed that the project has at least three or four smash singles, although to be honest, that might not necessarily be a straight up compliment. Either way, it seems to further the narrative that Revival will leave fans divided.

For now, let the album sink in, and remember, if you want the old Eminem, his albums are still around.