When you think of music legends whose recorded work continued to earn them new fans with each passing year, Eminem is near the top of that list. Along with well-known acts from the worlds of rock, pop and reggae music, the Slim Shady is rightfully considered one of the most influential voices ever to release an album. Today (October 30th), he hit a new milestone on the strength of his studio album Recovery.

According to Forbes, Eminem's 2010 release is back on the Billboard 200 album chart, coming in at No. 160 on the latest version of that list. The re-entry onto this particular chart now gives him exactly 300 cumulative weeks spent on the Billboard 200 with this one album alone, putting him in some elite company across all genres of music. As if that weren't impressive enough, this is the third album that Em has had cross that 300 total weeks barrier, with The Eminem Show and the compilation Curtain Call: The Hits sitting at 342 and 363 weeks respectively. Not even the likes of Michael Jackson or Adele can claim that they've had three or more albums accomplish this feat, which should add some fuel to the fire when the discussion rolls around to deciding who is the greatest emcee of all time. Everyone's got their favorite but, in terms of the staying power of his albums, no one comes close to Eminem within the hip-hop community.

It's more than likely that additional platinum plaques are on the way for Shady, who set the record for most sales in an album's first week on the market with The Marshall Mathers LP, moving an incredible 1.76 million units. It's still holds that record in the rap world, which is a truly remarkable feat considering it's nearly eighteen years since its original release. Combined, RecoveryThe Eminem Show and Curtain Call have graced the Billboard 200 for over 1000 weeks, trouncing competition that includes the likes of Pink Floyd, Bob Marley and Bruno Mars. Congrats to Eminem for hitting this new milestone!

Does this new record solidify Eminem's place as the GOAT? If not, who is better than him in the long run? Leave us your comments below.