Eminem's life in Detroit is set to be the focal point of the upcoming virtual reality documentary, Marshall From Detroit. The VR doc is set to make its debut at the Sundance Film Festival this week. It isn't a typical documentary -- Felix & Paul Studios and director Caleb Slain explore Detroit from the point of view of the city's pride and joy, Eminem. The directors recently shared the trailer for Marshall In Detroit which explores the city during a nighttime cruise with the MC.

The usage of VR in the new Eminem documentary helps give a more intimate look at the rapper's private life in his hometown. Caleb Slain explained the usage of VR helps bring a "mystic version of Detroit" that many won't have the chance the witness first-hand.

“Our idea was to extend the blanket of intimacy offered by VR beyond the once-in-a-lifetime ride with Marshall and introduce you to a more mystic version of Detroit you could never see for yourself,” Slain told Variety. "We wanted to take the ‘reality’ out of VR and cook it down into something more unreal, but also truthful.”

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Felix & Paul Studios, the production company behind the documentary, have a history of using technology to offer a more interactive experience with their videos. “Our studio has a history of using technology to tell stories in new, more immersive ways, to create experiences that are at the convergence of the intimate and the extraordinary,” the company's co-founder Paul Raphael said. "Marshall From Detroit is a sparkling expression of that, inviting you on a surreal ride through Detroit with Eminem himself.”