Eminem ruffled more than a few feathers when he dropped Kamikaze this past weekend. Em's lines aimed at the more famous members of society have gained him notoriety, especially with Machine Gun Kelly coming back for Eminem in a diss of his own called "Rap Devil." Still, there were lesser known names that Eminem dropped on the album that still had a very large impact on those who were in the know. On the track "The Ringer," Eminem references serial killer Todd Kohlhepp, and one of his victims. 

"I'm off the chain like Kala Brown," raps Eminem, shedding light on Brown's horrifying tale. The young girl was found chained like a dog in a small metal container at Kohlhepp residence. She was kidnapped along with her boyfriend, who she claims was killed by Kohlhepp. Authorities found her chained by her neck and ankles. After hearing the Eminem reference, Brown's spokesperson Jenny Dial released the following statement:

"Thank you for the concerns; we have seen all of the attention regarding Eminem referencing Kala in one of his newly released songs.
At this time, given we fully know and understand Eminem's style of rap music (it can come off a little unnerving) but she does not want to take offense or feel as if he is attacking her personally.
It was a clever line that rhymed and we'd like to leave it at that. Everyone expresses themselves in their own way, and if anything, people will always feel a flash of Kala's struggle when hearing that line."