Eminem had a brush with death after his home was broken into in April of this year. According to a courtroom reporter, a detective confirmed that Matthew Hughes, the 26-year-old man who confronted the legendary rapper in his living room, told Em that he had invaded his property to kill him.

As the case moves on for Hughes, he was in court today where the home invasion was discussed at length. Eminem was not present in court but a detective recounted what the rapper told him about his run-in with Hughes.

"Mr. Mathers (Eminem) said Matthew Hughes told him he was there to kill him," said a detective during today's court hearing. New photos of Hughes were also released, as well as a confirmation that he remains locked up with a $50,000 cash bond. Hughes is facing felony charges that will be addressed at the next court hearing later this month. 

New details were also revealed about the home invasion. According to the detective, Eminem thought that Hughes was his nephew when he first noticed him. However, because it was dark, it took him a while to realize that he did not know the man. A window had been broken on his property, which his security team responded to. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Thankfully, Em was not harmed in the home invasion. This could have seriously been a tragic incident had things turned out the way Hughes intended.