Despite remaining incredibly low-key, Eminem found himself facing a home intruder a few days ago inside of his home. Em's security guards were asleep when a man named Matthew David Hughes allegedly successfully broke into Eminem's house. But according to TMZ, this isn't the first time. Apparently, the man was arrested for trespassing on two properties in his hunt for the rapper. The second home he visited was once owned by Eminem. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Police reports reveal that Hughes first attempted to break into a home in Rochester Hills, Michigan at 2 a.m. in June 2019. He reportedly threw a rock at the front window and woke up the homeowner. He had left by the time the police arrived but the homeowner said that he returned to knock on the window and said he was "looking for his brother, Marshall."

Though the first attempt wasn't successful, Hughes went to a home in Oakland where he saw a bit more luck in his endeavors. The home was previously owned by Em and Hughes managed to sneak by the security on the property and rang the doorbell and asked for Em. After being told that Em didn't live there, he walked off but apparently managed to sneak into the actual house because the police found him hiding under a bed on the second floor of the home.

Police charged him with a B&E before hitting him with a count of malicious destruction of property for his visit to the first house. He was sentenced to 90 days in prison and $1400 fine. However, he didn't make the deadline for the fine so he was hit with an arrest warrant.