Eminem has officially left his iconic E emblem on 2018. First he broke character to deliver a surprise album, Kamikaze, onto the masses. Next, he stayed perfectly in character to deliver a verbal beatdown on Machine Gun Kelly, with the acclaimed "KILLSHOT." Now, he's been enjoying the spoils, spending the remainder of the year enjoying the benefits of his comeback. You may recall Eminem's recent "Venom" performance atop New York City's Empire State Building; if you missed that, you can check that out right here. Now, Em has shared a link to a lengthy behind-the-scenes process, which you can see below.

The Shady takeover is clear from the jump, with camera crews filling the lobby. Anthony Malkin, the CEO of Empire State Realty Trust, breaks it down appropriately: "you have these two great icons - Eminem and the Empire State Building. It's a little bit like Kong is here." In truth, this clip is likely more suited for those interested in developing cinematic technology, as the bulk of the feature centers around the integration of the Google Pixel 3 camera. Still, it's always cool to see Eminem at work, and fans should appreciate this added bit of content. Watch now.