Hailie Jade Scott was a huge part of her father's iconoclastic rise, especially during a legal battle with her mother Kim, herself the subject of a now famous protest song. Her father Eminem has none the less maintained a strong bond with his daughter. Hailie recently spoke with the Daily Mail, recounting several recent memories the two have shared.

As rap fans, but compassionate first, we were hopeful their relationship would reach this stage. Hailie then faded out of public view and became less and less subject of his lyrics, for the best we might assume.

Since her conversation with the Daily Mail, the 22 year old has taken to Instagram to document her travels with her famous dad. One IG post 5 days ago tells the story of Hailie road tripping with her father on his tour stops. She writes: "tb to the past few weekends crashing festivals and exploring cities."

Even though her father has an oft-troubled relationship with fame, his daughter Hailie has the makings of a normal young adult. A recent Michigan State graduate, Hailie has her eyes fixed on the beauty industry, with a particular interest in cosmetics. As he said on "Castle," an undelivered letter to his child, Eminem raps, "Whatever it takes to raise you, I'm prepared, to do whatever, to do whatever." She certainly has grown up before his eyes, and his eyes only. There's something to be said for Eminem shielding his daughter from unnecessary turmoil.