When it comes to picking your favorite song from a rapper with a body of work as consistently strong as Eminem's. However, that was the question we posed yesterday to our HNHH readers via social media. We asked everyone to shout out the Slim Shady track that they're most fond of on social media and cast votes for other songs with likes and retweets. The results are in and now you can hear the playlist with the 25 most popular choices below, listed in no particular order.

To streamline the process, only the tracks that featured work from Em as a solo artist were included on the list. That leaves out songs from D-12, such as "Purple Pills," and Bad Meets Evil from contention for playlist adds. In general, most of he songs that received enough votes to make it on to the list were of the Michigan native flying solo on the track; of the 25 on the Spotify list, only five were Eminem songs that boasted featured artists. Further to that, only one of Eminem's features on another artist's track received enough votes to crack the list: "Renegade," Jay-Z's monster track that Em has a writing credit on as well.

Unsurprisingly, tracks from The Marshall Mathers LP were shown the most love out of all of Eminem's albums, with six of the record's songs included on the playlist. The Slim Shady LP and The Eminem Show were tied for second place with four songs from each making the cut. Two songs from the soundtrack to Eminem's feature film project 8 Mile found their way on to the playlist as well, with the title track joining "Lose Yourself" as one of the best-loved entries on this collection of songs. Overall, most of his high-charting singles are present and accounted for, but some glorious deep cuts received a lot of love too, with "Drug Ballad," "Role Model" and others garnering a lot of attention from those who voted.

How do you think the HNHH readers did? Solid playlist or are there some obvious omissions? Let us know in the comments!