Eminem recently celebrated eleven years of sobriety over the weekend, receiving tons of congratulatory messages from fans. The rapper has been letting his supporters extend the anniversary fun after Slim Shady LP turned 20-years-old this year, releasing a new merch capsule today. Em may not be using drugs anymore but one member of his extended family isn't so lucky. According to RadarOnline, Em's adopted daughter Whitney's biological father is currently a wanted man after skipping out on a court appearance and, as a result, he could be facing life in prison.

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images -- Kimberly Anne Mathers (L) stands with her attorney during a hearing on charges of disturbing the peace in October 2, 2001 at the 37th District Court in Warren, MI

The report notes that Eric Hartter, the man who had Whitney with Em's ex-wife Kim Scott, is a wanted man after missing his court date. The 40-year-old was expected to face sentencing for a number of crimes, including the theft of over $200 in Red Bull cans from a CVS and possession of methamphetamine and fentanyl. Usually, those crimes would carry a maximum sentence of four years in prison but as a multiple-time offender, Hartter is facing life.

Eminem took responsibility for Whitney several years ago when both Hartter and Kim Scott were struggling with drug addiction. He also reportedly adopted Kim's sister's daughter Alaina. 

An arrest warrant was issued for Eric Hartter this week.

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images -- Kimberly Mathers, Eminem's ex-wife, appears before Judge Ed Servito in Macomb Count Circuit Court for violating her probation on drug charges February 12, 2004 in Mt. Clemens, Michigan