It's rare to see Eminem actively updating his Instagram feed -- just ask Westside Gunn about that -- but whenever he does, you can bet he's got something new to promote. As it happens, Em is gearing up to unleash a new clothing capsule, this one centered around the twentieth anniversary of his classic album The Marshall Mathers LP, which was originally released on May 23rd, 2000. And while it's been a few months since the exact date, Slim has officially shared a glimpse at the new MMLP20 capsule, which is set to hit his store this Thursday.

Eminem Marshall Mathers LP

Sean Gardner/Getty Images

"May I have your attention please?" captions Slim, in his announcement post. "#MMLP20 capsule hits the store Thursday - sign up for first access. Link in bio." Alongside is a video teaser, one that takes a stroll down memory lane with a few of the album's enduring singles: "The Way I Am," "The Real Slim Shady," and of course, "Stan." As it happens, those three tracks form the basis of many of the capsule's designs, though there are several options centered around the album's vintage aesthetic. Should you be interested in checking out the capsule in its entirety, you can do so at Slim's official store right here. 

As of this moment, the MMLP20 capsule is set to go live on Thursday, though interested fans (and/or Stans) can sign up for first access right now. Though it goes without saying, The Marshall Mathers LP remains a universally acclaimed release from the legendary rapper, with many still deeming it to be his magnum opus. While that's a conversation for another day, there's no denying that the album has aged gracefully on its defiant climb to adulthood. Be sure to check out the capsule's designs below, and show some love to Slim Shady in the comments.